Jasper, the wonder pup

Hello Again,
It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my little fur baby, Jasper, the wonder puppy. A month ago he had surgery for IVDD and hubby and I had no idea what to expect from his recovery.
With Jasper dependent to be carried outside, to go to the bathroom and some of the days and nights have been bitter cold, he hasn’t had a single accident. We were able to manage his pain levels effectively and he’s been the happiest when cuddled in a blanket on the couch with us.
Two weeks ago, we took him to Dr. Caine for suture removal and to see how the little man was coming along. Jasper was so good as the stitches were snipped and pulled. We then set him on the floor mat so the doctor could see how strong his little back legs were, could they hold his weight and could he walk? At that time, he was still teetering and happy to sit down, but there was definitely improvement. Still with no idea what the long-term prognosis would be we had to wait for a return visit to Tufts.
With each passing day we could see little signs he was regaining more use in his back legs. We celebrated when he was standing to drink from his water dish. We were excited when he wanted to stay outside for longer periods of time, just sniffing the ground and air to his puppy’s heart content. When he barked at sounds on the street, another great sign the fur-baby was healing.
His Tufts appointment was looming on Friday and I picked him up to bring him into the living room for our evening of snoozing and hubby walked to the other side of the carpet. I set Jasper down to see how he could walk a meer eight feet. He hesitated and then with a wiggle in his walk, toddled across the room. I called Jasper to come see me. He hesitated and wiggled quicker and then he made the connection, he wasn’t in his sling. He started to kick up his little legs, I swear he was trying to do a jig. He was ready to play. Scooping him up for his safety I grinned and reminded him he had to take it easy, he was still in recovery mode.
The day before our return to Tufts we went outside in the growing light of morning and he was doing his thing. As we turned to walk in a new direction the little guy kicked up his back heels, slipped his sling and started walking across the frozen grass. Scared he was going to hurt himself I scooped him up and gave him a kiss, I was thrilled he wanted to walk but we still needed to see Dr. Elizabeth.
Friday was a bright and sunny day. He rested comfortably in hubby’s arms as we made the drive. I was reminded as we walked into the large sunlit space how terrified I was the first time we walked through those doors. Today, things were different.
Dr. Elizabeth greeted us with a smile and for Jasper she literally rolled out the welcome mat. Time to see how the little man was really doing. She conducted a thorough exam and then it was time for Jasper to walk without the sling. It was like a baby taking his first steps, pure magic. He could walk. He still has a swagger and his back legs need to regain their strength but we were cleared to have him spend time out of the crate walking around. After touring the exam room, he was released with instructions for his continuing rehab, and a final follow up appointment booked for two months. Before we got into the car for our trip back to the Berkshires we let him poke around in the grassy area with his tail held high I swear he was grinning from ear-to-ear. That’s what I call a happy day.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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