Let your light shine

Hello Again,
For the past few weeks, at the local hospital, I’ve been participating in a life enhancement program. It’s an all-encompassing way to view your physical and emotional well-being. It has been an amazing experience and as I started to write this blog a song popped into my head- “This little light of mine.” As I was humming the tune walking down the hall I found my step had a slight bounce. What is it about music that can affect our mood?
As a child I took piano lessons, to be exact over thirteen years, week in and week out. By the way, thanks Mom and Dad for all the money you spent so I could tickle the ivories. I discovered the greats, Beethoven, Bach, and of course, Mozart, just to name a few. My piano teacher also liked to interject modern music of the day, My Way, made famous by Frank Sinatra, a little Led Zeppelin, and even some good ole ragtime which by comparison to the Master’s was modern. I loved it all. Every note resonated within my heart. I was always happiest playing or listening to music. As the years went along I didn’t have as much time to play but the radio is a constant, always on in the car, in my home, and work offices music is just a mouse click away.
I think my mom would agree music reflected my mood of the moment. I’ve passed the love of music on to my girls. Meg loves the 80’s and classic rock. Em loves soundtracks. When they lived at home I could tell how they were feeling by what they were listening to and was it at full volume or background noise.
There are other sounds that can alter your mood beside music. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. As a group, we did a laughter exercise and for several long minutes we did voluntary laughter. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is Lucinda talking about? It is making a conscious decision to laugh. We donned a red foam nose, turned to a person in the room and laughed for approximately a minute. We did this several times. By the end of the exercise our blood was pumping and we were all smiling at each other. I had a blast.
The remnants of feeling like a kid, being silly and laughing for no reason has stayed with me. I felt like a light was beaming out of me for all to see. So today I’m going to let my inner light shine and laugh like no one is listening. Will you?
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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