Spending a day with like minds

Hello Again,
Yesterday I spent the day with a group of romance writers at the Saratoga Romance Writers Association winter conference. It was a day filled with learning about the craft of writing and the business of being an author. I drove home inspired.
This is the second year I attended. In 2017 I went without the benefit of knowing a soul, however this year I met my friend and fellow romance author, Suzanne Denny Winslow. We both were first timers last year and we now belong to the same RWA chapter. We provide support and encouragement to each other on this journey of sharing our words with others.
So many people I meet say, “I’d love to write a book.” I always take the time to ask what they want to write about and encourage them to start with five minutes a day, or even one sentence. It’s not glamorous to sit in front of a screen and tap the keys watching words fill the page. It is daunting to think of the blank page and wonder how will I ever fill it. The folks I was with at the conference have those same thoughts and feelings. Even when I write this weekly blog, I sit and look at the cursor blinking at me and I wonder, what should I write about today, will it be interesting to you, the reader, or will it fall flat.
In addition to learning parts of the craft, which are always good reminders and tips and tricks of how to actually get the words down, we had a presentation on the business of writing. Query’s synopsis contracts and rights are all part of the business side along with an author platform and marketing where an author promotes books. Treating the author life like a professional business will showcase that you, or in this case, me, take writing and publishing books as a serious business.
I’m passionate about being a successful professional and every year, since I’ve started this journey, that definition has changed of what I perceive as success. I love being a writer, my heart sings when I have the opportunity to sit in front of a keyboard and let my fingers fly or have a pen and pad in hand and scratch down what my family refers to as chicken scratch. I’m reminded of the pirate ride in Disney World, where the characters sing, yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me. I’ve changed the words, Yo ho, yo ho, the writer’s life for me.
Spending a full day focused on the craft of writing and business, is a perfect way for this author to spend a cold wintery Saturday.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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