Dear Mother Nature

Hello Again,
In light of the two nor’easter’s back-to-back and a potential third early next week I thought if I wrote to Mother Nature she might take some constructive feedback and change the air currents. Heck, it can’t hurt, right? Below is the letter I sent.
Dear Mother Nature,
You do an awesome job around the globe and I’m sure it’s not easy and hey occasionally you might send the wrong weather to an area but I thought you might like to hear from a resident in the northeast.
I’m not one to complain, but, well I wanted to remind you that you’ve been hitting us pretty hard. During the holiday season, you really turned the thermostat down, well it was more like the artic around here and that lasted for what seemed like, forever… Then you started sending snow our way and lots of it. Which is okay, snow equals water and we could use it to fill our rivers and streams but then you pushed it just a little too far and rivers and streams overflowed their banks and once again, you dropped the temp. Skating down streets is really not cool. No pun intended.
February rolled around and people had a collective sigh of relief. It’s a short month and March is just around the corner and you were so kind. Temperatures soared, the sun shone bright in a deep blue sky and we all knew, it was just a matter of days before we’d be raking up the last of the fall leaves, digging in our gardens, buying paint to freshen the inside and outside of our homes and that’s why you thought you would give us one last shot of winter. Well it’s been more like a very, very long week, plus.
I have to ask did Father Time say something to get your dander up? With the first storm, your mood really whipped the oceans into a frenzy causing trees to topple and snow and ice to frost the landscape. Just as we’re all thinking it was the last storm, you did it again. This one had more snow and blowing. Dumping, not inches but feet everywhere in the northeast and I saw on the news you shared this gift of snow all across the country.
And even now, the weatherman is calling for potentially more snow on Tuesday or Wednesday and you’re really teasing us with warmer temperatures. As I peeked at the long range forecast you’re flirting with the highs in the 50’s and then rain. If the rest of the magical folks, Father Time, the Tooth Fairy or even Ms. Easter Bunny are getting on your last nerve from the long winter, maybe it’s time for something different. This week the time changes so how about cutting us all some slack and making the snow disappear until the end of 2018, when we will actually look forward to it.
I hope you take this letter in the spirit of which it was written, with the utmost respect and appreciation. I’ll be keeping a weather eye on the sky.
Until next time,
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