Miss Muse

Hello Again,
For most of my life I’ve dreamt in chapters and I thought it was how everyone dreamed. In the last ten years I’ve realized it was my muse knocking to be let out to play. I cracked the door open and Miss Muse not being shy and given the inch, didn’t just walk through the door crashed it down. She’s out and never going back.
At first it was unnerving to have characters pop up and pester me until I wrote down their dialogue or action scene. But now I let my work-in-progress characters frolic as they like. I am never without a way to jot down a word, sentence or scene, be it pen and paper, laptop, or IPhone, heck I’ve even called myself and left a voice mail with an idea. Sometimes the ideas aren’t that great but invariably it may lead to something better. I have an idea book and folder where I jot down new storylines. At some point there it will be the right time to expand on the idea.
Even now I have a character who is waiting for me to write her story, her name is Lily. She’s not fully developed yet, but she’s had a tough time and at a crossroads in her life. But more on Lily at another time. I have a trilogy in process and writing book three, then editing, polish review, and releasing, the MacLellan Sisters.
I’ve discovered the more I write the louder and more persistent Miss Muse has become. She nourishes my imagination encouraging and pushing me, keeping me fueled with story lines. I love watching the page count increase as I write characters with strengths despite all their quirks. As they evolve and grow, I feel they’re friends that I’m having the opportunity to introduce to you.
This journey of writing has had twists and turns and I’ve learned a great deal along the way. Every day I continue to learn but the most surprising of this part of my life is the new friends I’ve made, people, who like me, love to play with words and create characters who, hopefully, resonate with readers. It’s time for me to get back to the MacLellan’s.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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