You got me, again!

Hello Again,
April Fool’s Day. I couldn’t help myself, I had to find out what the history is behind the day where most of us stay on guard for pranks. I was surprised to discover it dates back centuries, maybe as far back as the late sixteenth century. The day gained popularity in the early eighteenth century in the England. Some believe it dates back to the spring equinox where Mother Nature was unpredictable with changing weather, now you see spring and then you don’t. We can all relate to her sense of humor this year.
Newscasters and weather people also enjoy a good on-air prank. Even fast food chains have been known to get in on the act – like a popular burger place announced they had renamed one of their burgers as a left-handed version. Lo and behold people actually tried to order it.
Today, people go to great length to pull a prank. Hubby is one of those that loves to prank others but he isn’t limited to just one day. Where he works there is a paging system. So, he has found a way to disguise his voice and “pretend” to page people. They hear the “page” call the number only to discover either no answer or the person on the other end has no idea what they’re talking about. Shaking their heads, they go back to work only to hear “another page”. His coworkers fall for it all the time and he has a blast pranking them.
This year April Fool’s Day falls on Easter and I had to google the top five pranks that could be played on unsuspecting kids. Hide the eggs but send the kids in a different direction, super glue the plastic eggs together so when kids go to open them, it’s impossible, add a penny and knowing there is something inside will drive the kids crazy and everyone else to laugh until tears appear. You can also fool your little tike with items they already own and some veggies too and don’t forget to leave a note from the Easter Bunny where he proclaims, Happy April Fool’s Day!
I’m sorry to say the sharing of these fun pranks won’t be able to be put into practice until Easter falls on April 1 again, in fact per my internet search that it will be 2029.
I’ll be cooking a family dinner on April 1 and for the family who gather around my table will be happy to know I’m not a prankster and what you see will be what you get. Well, maybe or maybe not. It might be time to let my inner jokester out.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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