Release the hound, dachshund that is

Hello Again,
Jasper is raring to go. His final visit at Tufts was Friday and Dr. Elizabeth was thrilled with his progress. To be honest every day I have a new worry about him, is he running too fast, eating enough, playing too hard. The list is endless.
It’s been a fast three and a half months since the diagnosis of IVDD and our first trip to Tufts. We didn’t know if the little man, as I call him, would fully recover from surgery, if he’d end up using a doggie wheel chair or would we be lucky and he’d recover enough to have good mobility.
It has been quite a journey of learning what we should have done differently. As a pup we should never have let him jump up or off furniture. He should have always used a harness and never a leash on his collar, avoided walking up and down stairs as well as maintain a healthy weight and good muscle tone. We were good on weight and he is a good walking buddy but the rest, we had no idea. These actions contributed to his injury. We can’t change what was but our lives have changed moving forward.
Jasper is a healthy little guy who is anxious to go for walks and is adjusting to his new soft harness. It’s not his favorite thing to wear but the excitement of walking with Mom is just too much fun. His brother Griffin gets in on the action and likes to play rough and tumble but he’s learning that rough housing is a thing of the past too.
Starting last night, the fur babies are back to sleeping together. Hubby set up the kitchen to have their bed and pillows in the same space. Their food and water bowls are set up next to each other. To the pups it will be easy slipping back into their routine but for us, it’s just one more confirmation that Jasper is doing great.
Back to our visit. We did the round trip to Tufts and Jasper went through many physical tests. He passed them all with flying colors. Dr. Elizabeth said he could have a flair up from time to time but to keep him quiet and he should recover. It’s a comfort to know that she is a dachshund Mom too. I wish we could turn back the clock eight years and do things different so the little man would never have had to endure the surgery or recovery but we can’t. We can only move forward.
The benefit to this all, Jasper has become more of a snuggle pup and I for one, love it.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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