Public libraries are a hot spot

Hello Again,
As a ten-year old I fell in love with our small town library. Mom worked full-time. During the summer months I’d hop on my bike and make the four-mile round trip to check out books. When I went to middle school I had a new library at my disposal. The elementary and high school where I attended had a large and spacious library with huge windows, and in the back, a small reference room. I was in heaven. Books galore. I was able to go during any study hall or free time. I had my favorites, and I often frequented the sci-fi section, but I loved all books. I spent hours within those walls, soaking up every story I could.
After graduation I moved to a new town, and of course, like many small towns, there was a library. I got a card, and would occasionally go, but after having my first daughter there never seemed to be enough hours in the day. The building stood near the post office, day after day, beckoning me. It was during these years I tried my hand at writing children’s books. Benjamin Bunny was my hero, and after the first harsh rejection I retreated from writing. I guess my skin was thinner back then.
My girls always had plenty of books to read, and at some point, during their younger years we traded the library for the bookstore. We spent hours relaxing in cushy chairs reading, or perusing the next book in the series that we were obsessed with at the time.
Now that I am an author I’ve found my way back to the library. My chapter of Romance Writers of America meets in a beautiful, active, facility. Once a month I make the hour drive to meet with other like minds who have an affinity for the written word. But I haven’t forgotten about my local library. With each new release I happily donate a copy. I think it is some small way that I can give back for all that the library has given me.
If you haven’t stopped into your local library recently, what are you waiting for? The shelves are tall, filled with stories waiting to be read. Most libraries are part of a consortium and you can borrow a paper bound book or e-book from extensive catalogs. Are you looking for the next season of your favorite television show? The library just might have it. They also hold family movie nights, instructional presentations, take an art classor maybe you’d love to join a knitting group. Your local hot spot has books and so much more.
Stop in today and check out what your local library has to offer. You’ll be happy you did.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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