Road tripping to Unmask 2018

Hello Again,
This weekend I hit the road with my sister-in-law, Dee, to Valley Forge, PA for an author signing event. I think the area survived the gathering of romance writers and readers.
Midday Friday, I picked up Dee and with the Subaru loaded down, we hit the road. The trip that should have taken a little over four hours, took six. Someone, hint her initials are LR, forgot to account for Friday afternoon traffic. Despite that the time flew as we talked the entire road trip. When we pulled into the hotel parking lot, Dee squealed and pointed to the tall building adjoining our hotel. Did I know there is a casino here? Chuckling, I parked the car and we entered the lobby to check in. After unloading the car and quick phone calls to the hubby’s, we were off to hit the slot machines.
Checking my watch, I was surprised to see it was way past dinner and fast approaching shuteye time. After losing our cash outlay, we ate a bite of dinner and retired to our hotel room. I was excited about the event the next day. The book signing. A large number of avid romance readers bought advanced tickets and we would be ready for them. After a night of interrupted sleep from our hotel neighbors, we woke early, packed up and made the short drive through the rural part of town to the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Martha Washington building. What a day it was. Talking with readers about all kinds of books, life stories and just mingling with people who loved to read. These are the kind of days that help me stay focused and keep writing. As a side note, some of the most interesting stories may just find their way into a new book!
All too soon the day was over and time to pack up and head home. The rain held off so there wasn’t the dash between the drops dance. We got loaded up and off we went for the ride back to the Berkshires.
A special shout out to Renee Lee Fisher and A. L. Wood for a great event!
I’ll be back in Valley Forge for Salute to Love in August. I hope to see you there. I’ll be ready and eager to share with you, romance reader, news about my work in progress, The MacLellan Sister trilogy.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.

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