Wear your crown!

Hello again,
This week I’ve been watching the television specials about the upcoming royal wedding. I started thinking about children who dream of becoming a princess when it struck me. We are each the princess of our lives.
I think I’ve told you before when my girls were small they used to ask me to tell them princess stories at bedtime. Each time the story began with the standard opening of a fairy tale; Once upon a time Princess Meg and Princess Em … my stories would wind around and they’d slay dragons, care for their loyal subjects and the story would end with a happily ever after, not because they found their handsome prince but because they were strong and independent women.
This past year Meg sent me a picture through Facebook. It was a picture of a young girl wearing a crown. The caption of the picture said:
On even my darkest day, I straighten my crown and remember whose daughter I am.
I was so moved with the message I got framed copies and gave them to my girls as a Christmas gift, in part to remind them of their own inner strength and to remind me of the strength my mom gave to me.
Today the books I write have strong, independent women who embrace love and life and yes, they do find their happily ever after some trial and tribulations. As I’m working on the MacLellan Sisters Trilogy I’m reminding myself to showcase Jamie, Kenzie and Grace as strong women but willing to listen to theirs hearts as they navigate the untested waters of true love. Each of them embodies, what I believe are the qualities of a princess, a compassionate and caring persona and they’re not pampered, self-indulgent women.
In closing this week I want to give a shout out to my princesses’. Once upon a time Princess Meg and Princess Em stumbled a bit and they were reminded to:
Straighten your crowns dear girls and remember who your grandmother is. She taught your mom everything she knows.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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