Happy hour in the ‘Shire

Hello Again,
Meg blew into town. She’s based in Ohio and her favorite iced beverage is hard to come by, Dunkin’ cold brew. On Friday, after work, I brought her a large iced coffee. We were getting ready to relax on the patio when, splash. Meg’s coffee was on the ground.
Now, coffee to Meg is like nectar to a hummingbird. I offered to run to Dunkin’ for a new cup or to make her one from the Keurig. But in the moment of cleaning up, she declined. I went inside to brew her a cup anyway since I wanted to sit and catch up on her life. The back door opened and she pooped her head in, announcing, “I’m going to take a ride, be back in twenty minutes.” She needed her cold brew.
Before long she was back and sitting under the umbrella sipping her coffee. Finally we began to catch up on what she had been doing since arriving home, She had dinner with her dad, step-mom and sister, visited with friends, gone to a concert and spent best friend day with MJ. All in all, she was having a blast. Next up, a barbecue with my brother and sister-in-law. When it was time to crash I told her to sleep in as late as she wanted and kissed her goodnight.
Saturday morning the pups decided to wake me at seven. I rolled out of bed ready to spend it with Meg, it was our M & M day. Plans included book talk, pedicures, reading on the patio and dinner at Meg’s favorite brewery. All of which were accomplished.
All too soon it was time for Meg to hit the road again,. Hubby and I will be west to visit as soon as our schedules open up. But I have to admit my favorite moment of our weekend was when Meg held up her plastic cup and said, “Ahh. Happy hour in the Berkshires.”
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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