Gardening 101

Hello Again,
Last fall we purchased a new shed, and in preparation for the delivery hubby and I decided we needed to move the garden beds, as the best spot our new shed was right up the driveway and smack in the middle of where they had been for almost twelve years. Hubby broke down the frames, hauled the wonderful rich dirt, and rebuilt two last Fall in their new home on the other side of the yard. Time evaporated as he had work to complete around the new shed, and we knew there would be time in the spring to construct the final two beds. Well, Mother Nature had the last laugh. She waited until Spring to send heavy snow our way, so work in the garden was delayed. But finally, it was time to get things rolling. Two raised beds were built, peat moss, compost and fresh soil were brought in and tilled. The new spot had some stubbornroots, but with a little work, it was time to start planting.
The perennial herbs had been moved in the fall and the chives and oregano were slowly making their appearance in the smaller bed. It wouldn’t get as much sun as the others but that was okay, I’d drop in some radish and lettuce seeds in that bed. The onions and garlic were next, along with the lone pepper plant and basil, another short row of lettuce and radishes to be added in a few weeks and tomatoes would be planted around Memorial Day.
After a few weeks had passed the radishes should be ready for harvest. I pulled a couple and no roots. I was confused. After talking to Em her radish crop had the same problem. I had planted another row which would be ready the following week. As much as I was disappointed I just knew we’d be eating the crisp spicy vegetable in a week or so. Ha. No such luck, that row too didn’t bear vegetables. It has to be the seeds. We went to the garden center and I bought a new pack, and a different variety. That row is still a few weeks away from harvest but they’ve sprouted. Fingers crossed, I’ll be making salad with our radishes soon.
The rest of the garden is growing, and the first of the lettuce is ready to harvest. Onion tops are poking up, tomatoes, nestled safe in their cages are showing flowers and little tiny green gems, the zucchini and cucumber vines are deep leafy green and our new plant of the year, watermelon, is also showing signs of progress. Time will tell what our harvest will be, but fingers crossed come August my garden will keep me busy canning tomatoes, and enjoying its bounty.
Hubby and I are pretty sure the soil needs some more work, so a winter cover crop to add some nutrients will be in order along with more peat moss and compost. And hey, what’s the point of having a garden if it doesn’t give you an excuse to get outside and play in the dirt?
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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