And off we go…

Hello Again,
For the last several years our camping adventures have been in one location. It’s a wonderful place with amazing people but hubby and I began to long for the adventure of the open road. We had talked about in retirement years we’d travel, going wherever the road took us. But then one day it popped into my brain, life is too short, what are we waiting for? So, we took the plunge and traded in our travel trailer for a small motor home.
When we started camping we did the traditional route of starting with a pop-up, then to a hybrid and then a full-size travel trailer complete with an indoor fireplace for those cold and rainy fall nights. It was a great rig but the only problem, I was terrified to even think about towing a 35’ trailer behind our GMC 2500 truck. And then we parked it making a decision to become seasonal campers. As we settled into our seasonal spot,hubby traded in his tow vehicle for a smaller more gas pump-friendly model.
To get our annual beach fix in we’ve been renting a cottage on Cape Cod. The cottage is conveniently located to the beach, mere steps, but we were missing our annual two weeks in Maine and New Hampshire. And what about traveling to other areas? With a camper if you get some place and you don’t like it, you stay a night or two then pull up stakes and move on. In addition, as I go to more book events, I began to think it would be easier to drive a small motor home to a local campground, towing a car and make it a family event.
In May, much to hubby’s surprise, I announced we should go looking for something small, that I can drive too, and make it happen. After all, what were we waiting for, to have blown out a certain number of candles on a cake? After shopping around and driving a few units I knew which one I wanted and we struck the deal. We were thrilled to be one step closer to hitting the open road when the mood strikes. We cleaned out the travel trailer and stacked everything on the front porch waiting for the day to load it into our motor home, which I have named, Lucy.
After a week of making it our home on wheels we were ready to go. It was vacation week for us. We lucked out and found a spot at one of our favorite campgrounds in New Hampshire. The pups were secured into a comfy bed set up by dropping the dinette table, laying down a double thick comforter and we secured them to a seatbelt with a tether made for travel. Griffin wasn’t too pleased at first but Jasper settled in like a camping pro. We gassed up, reset the mileage gauge and off we went. Our plan was to gas up upon arrival to check the mileage to get an idea of range. And we were pleasantly surprised, it was better than we both thought.
What a great way to enjoy a vacation. We relaxed, took a few walks, and even roasted hot dogs over an open fire. Last night hubby started planning our next long weekend adventure. Who knows where the open road will take us next.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness

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