Snuggles and Cuddles

Hello Again,
My little man, Jasper the wonder pup, loves to cuddle and give kisses but for the last week they’ve been in short supply. Jasper made a return trip to Tufts with another episode of IVDD.
A week ago Friday, out of the blue, Jasper cried out in extreme pain and hubby and I rushed him to Tufts. He was admitted. Sadly, he was in the 25% group for a reoccurrence for IVDD. After a whirlwind of phone calls, he was taken into surgery and the neurosurgeon called with a promising prognosis but of course time tells its own story.
Day three turned into four and then five. Jasper was very slowly recovering from the surgery but his ability to feel deep pain in his toes had vanished. The deep pain is critical to know he’ll be able to walk again.
After hearing the shocking news that his chance to walk went from 90% to 50% and when he came home in addition to crate rest he’ll need help going potty, all I wanted to do was cry. Of course, we wanted Jasper to come home as soon as he could be discharged and when we were told we could pick him up on Friday, day seven, we made the trip, unsure what the first 24 hours would be like. But our house would be back to whatever our new normal would be.
Our little man was so happy to see us. He almost leapt into my arms. I smothered him with kisses all the while holding him tight. The doctor gave us grim news about the long-term possibility and we’re prepared to get him wheels if he can’t walk on his back legs. As long as he isn’t in any pain, happy and healthy that’s all we care about; the rest we will figure out.
Yesterday we got up early and woke him up. Determined to keep Jasper’s medicine on schedule we fed him breakfast and then followed up with meds. Then off to try to go potty and a short walk around the back yard. Well expressing the bladder didn’t go well so we got an early appointment with his local vet and after a quick review hubby seems to have nailed it.
After a few more snuggles hubby moved his crate to the living room where he can see us and still rest as much as possible. We have a long road ahead of us but as long as Jasper keeps giving kisses we have all the patience in the world to get him recovered and be the best he can be.
The next seven days won’t be as difficult as the previous seven and like most difficulties in life we’ll take each day, one at a time.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.

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