My whirlwind

Hello Again,
Life can be hectic and for me that is certainly no exception. I feel like I’ve been on a whirlwind for months now. I’m happily immersed in the MacLellan Series, I wrapped up the newsletter insertion, working on YouTube videos of the Loudon Series, reading for pleasure, all while still working the day job and preparing for significant changes there.
On Friday, I took the day and did nothing except sit with Jasper snoozing in my lap and watched Harry Potter movies that I had DVR’d last winter. I should have been doing something productive like writer things or house things, but I haven’t had that kind of a day in, well I can’t remember when. When hubby came home that’s where he found us, reclining.
Normally Friday is my no-cook night from subs or a pizza to going to a local favorite for a pint and something delicious to eat but the weatherman was reporting terrible storms headed our way. Instead of venturing out I scrambled up eggs and ham and just as we began to eat the skies opened up. The air vibrated with lightning and of course thunder.
I promised myself I’d be more productive tomorrow. It’s not like I have much choice. There is book three, first draft of Blue to complete, and I’m happy to read the final chapter and provide a critique for a fellow romance author. In addition, there is my garden which needs some attention, the blueberries are ripe, a zucchini is calling my name and I’m hopeful the cherry tomatoes will ripen soon.
Is it terrible to admit I have the last two Harry Potter movies to watch and the couch beckons me? Jasper gives me his cutest look as if to say, Hey Mom, want to be lazy with me? I need to remain strong and focus on my current tasks so that I can happily check items off my ever-present to-do list.
Life will continue to move at lightning speed and I’ll do my best to keep pace. It’s a good thing I love to stay busy.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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