Our new neighbor

Hello Again,
For the last few months a small buck has been hanging around our neighborhood. Between the street we live on and the one that runs parallel is a tree lined oasis that during the great depression a huge victory garden was planted and fed the neighbors. Today an apple tree still remains in the center, the lone reminder of what it once was.
A few weeks back Griffin, our tiny pup was sitting with hubby when he took off running and slipped through the hedge. He was determined to see the deer who was happily munching on grass. Miss Meg, from next door, approached it with an apple and he was unfazed by the attention cautiously eating the apple chunks she offered. As the days have drifted by he has been seen by many, strolling through the strips of grass between houses and he’s made himself right at home. Across from our house is a wet land area where he must have a source for water and a safe place to sleep. Mr. Deer is not predictable. He has his own time schedule of coming and going but we know he’s around daily. Cars come to a dead stop on the street and we can see people from the picture window craning out their windows, pointing. But the scary part for us all is we are adjacent to a very busy road. One morning as I was waiting to pull across traffic large trucks screeched to a halt in both directions. When I looked up I saw the buck skittering across the blacktop trying to get back to safety. I held my breath praying no one would get impatient and try to get around the stopped cars and trucks. Thankfully he made it to the grass and raced down the road.
Hubby has been talking about buying some cracked corn and apples to leave for him to make sure he’s getting enough to eat. But the real reason everyone is thrilled to see him come and go is because he is a magnificent creature. His large brown eyes are trusting and he appears to be unafraid of anything. Barking dogs don’t faze him. Blaring car horns or screeching alarms are simply a swish of his short white tail. Until today I had never been close to a wild and seemingly gentle creature. I’m sure given the need to defend himself the single horn he has or razor-sharp hooves would be used but instead Mr. Deer stands there blinking long eyelashes, looking at me as if to say, Can I stay here for a while?
After taking a bunch of pictures hubby and I went back into the house. We’ll keep our eyes peeled waiting for him to silently drop by again and linger in our back yard.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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