Time waits for no man

Hello Again,
How did it happen? The summer has slipped by in a long slow wave of heat, humidity and a ton of rain with sprinkles of sun. When it hit me that Labor Day was literally in a couple of days I sat back to contemplate, how did this happen?
I love quotes and as I was mulling over the summer of 2018 disappearing into the rearview mirror the quote about time popped into my head. The original quote was “Tide and time waits for no man”. I was curious where the quote originated from, so I pulled up Google and did a very fast search – wall-la I found it. It dates back to ancient times. Predating modern English and it was first recorded in 1225 – wow I guess this saying has stood the test of time.
But I digress. The word tide doesn’t relate to the ocean tide. The original meaning of the word tide was for a season, such as summer. It is apropos for how I’m feeling this week. Another season has come and gone and I’m acutely aware of time passing. Last week a classmate passed away and I started thinking about other people who I’ve lost touch with since we graduated from school. Like Cindy L, we used to ride horses together or Martha H, who was my summer bike riding and swimming buddy – ah, long lazy summer days blended one into the other.
Now the days are still long but not so lazy. Each day I wake up is something I treasure. For those who know me well I’ve stated many times I’m going to live to be a very old, and healthy woman. I’m planning on having many more summer seasons to enjoy. So there will be more weekends sitting on the patio with a glass of something cool to drink, more picnics, and more summer getaways.
However, since time is precious I’m planning on taking some time this Labor Day and just being in the moment. Sitting quietly with hubby on the patio and soaking up the last days of summer. I hope you take a few minutes to slow down and savor what won’t wait for you too.
I leave you with this quote:
The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. Michael Althsuler
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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