Chopping down the crabapple

Hello Again,
For me our crab apple tree is the first sure sign of spring. It is also home to our bird feeders in winter and just outside the front window.
Two years ago, I noticed the tree was starting to split in the middle. More than likely from the weight of the two largest limbs. The tree company was here cutting down a huge pine and I asked what we could do to save it. Mr. Barrett kindly cabled it and he thought it would continue to bloom for years to come. What we couldn’t see at the time was that it was slowly rotting from the inside out.
This summer was a different story. A huge chunk of the center of the tree fell out. Sadly, I had to agree with hubby it had to come down before winter. I certainly didn’t want it falling on the house in the middle of winter. Yesterday we pulled out the pole and chain saws, along with the clippers and set to work. The temperature was cool and the breeze kept the bugs away. With each limb cut up and piled I thought of the creatures who call this tree home, chipmunks, squirrels and a host of birds, not to mention the deer and other wildlife that munch on the fallen crab apples.
Four short hours later most all the branches were down and cleaned up. All that remains is three trunk sections of the tree. The cable that held the tree together is still attached, although now slack. I’m surprised to see how much it has opened up the end of the house. It was larger than I thought. I wonder how the plants and flowers will react to the new sunnier location come spring.
However, before we think about next year we have to decide what we can do to get the bird feeders hung up and ready to feed them. I would hate to miss the pair of cardinals who visit regularly along with countless other varieties. And I’m already thinking about what I can plant that will be my new harbinger of spring.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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