Hello Again,
This past week I decided I needed to increase my vegetable intake at lunch and dinner. We all remember our moms’ saying, eat your vegetables and mine wasn’t any different. So this is for you, Mom!
As a kid we had a huge garden and Mom would can and freeze all she could for the long winter months ahead. Now I’m a bit less ambitious and I do freeze and can tomatoes and applesauce but not much else. I’m a fresh and frozen veggie girl. The local grocery store makes it easy and we have a great specialty market for those hard-to-find items.
Hubby isn’t a huge fan of the plethora of veggies but what he does like a few I serve. This week I’ve been on a roll. For dinner each night I fixed two cooked vegetables, added more to each main dish and then even a couple of salads filled with many colors and textures just to keep my taste buds entertained.
Lunch has been interesting. I take a little of this leftover, a little of that, toss them all together in a container and its lunch. For example, on Wednesday I had a bit of leftover Crack Slaw, if you’re scratching your head and wondering what I ate, google it. You’ll be hooked. Then I had some roasted cauliflower, pea pods and zucchini each with a couple of spoonful’s but nothing sustainable to use at dinner. It all got tossed in together. How would it taste, they were all cooked at different times and spices? I have to be honest it was pretty darn good after sitting overnight the flavors blended to perfection.
I really enjoyed the experiment and as I perused the produce section at the store I wondered what would be on the dinner table this coming week, broccoli, winter squash, carrots, green beans, and yum they all got tossed in. The next trick will be how do I prepared them to keep things interesting. The weatherman is calling for warmer temperatures so soup is off the menu.
If you have an interesting idea please drop me a message on Facebook and share your favorite vegetable recipe. And I urge you to check out Crack Slaw, it’s a favorite in our house. Don’t forget, eat your veggies!
Until next time,
I wish you happiness,
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