Hello Again,
This week I made a trip to the corporate office for my day job. As a part of the adventure, our department took a trip to the Blue Jackets NHL arena for a home game against the Arizona Coyotes.
This was my first hockey game and I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know any of the rules and as usual I asked a ton of questions. From what was the puck made out of, to why did the Zamboni smooth the ice and why did the goalie scrape it up after it had literally just been smoothed out. I stumped the group with the question why did two of the referees have orange arm bands. Thank heavens for google. We got the answer.
I had been warned the air was cool but I didn’t know the music would be classic rock. I surmised it’s to keep the crowd’s energy pumping along with the players. The start of the game was kicked off with a cannon blast and when the Blue Jackets scored, it boomed again. I’ll admit it scared the be-jeebies out of me.
Watching the first period tick away I watched as ten men rotated every two minutes for ice time. Penalties were awarded to both sides and greater number of shots taken were on the side of the Jackets. But the actual goals racked up were in favor of the Coyotes, final score 4-1. It wasn’t the night for the Blue Jackets to take the W.
As we gathered up our things to leave the arena I was surprised at home enjoyable the game had been. I didn’t witness any major brawls, just fast skates and even faster stick and puck action. Who knows maybe in a future book there’s a hockey player hero? A very interesting thought.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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