About last weekend…

Hello again,
Here we are again; I’m writing and you’re reading about moments in my life. Suzanne Winslow, a romance writer and my critique partner and I headed to West Virginia to Rebels and Readers 2018. It was a long drive but OMG so worth the trip.
First a shout out to Tonya Nagle and her team of volunteers; they put on an awesome event.
From the moment Suzanne and I hit the road, we had a blast. We talked about books we were reading, authors we want to read and of course, we talked at great length about our works in progress and the next couple of books we both will write. How could it not be an awesome adventure for a couple of ladies who are passionate about all things books.
But it was more than books. I’ve never driven through the rolling hills of Maryland to the countryside of West Virginia. When I called hubby, I explained it was like driving through long, slow switch backs through the hills and valleys of the gorgeous countryside. We saw tons of truckers and RV’s along the highway and as we chatted with the Megster she started singing John Denver’s classic, Country Roads. I know he was talking about Colorado but it was also appropriate as we cruised along the highway.
As we entered Maryland we chuckled at the wildlife signs on the side of the road, we never saw the Welcome to Maryland, but after hours of windshield time, we saw it, Welcome to West Virginia. We drove through four states to see that sign, and the fun was just around the bend.
Arriving at the hotel was stressful, it is currently under major renovations, with ONE working elevator and construction dust everywhere. Would the romance book fans come out? I was a little concerned, but I shouldn’t have worried. At 11:30 AM Saturday book lovers were lined up and read to shop with wheeled carts and huge tote bags slung over their shoulders. When the doors opened fan came in droves. For the next five hours, lovers of romance books milled about the ball room, chatting with writers, buying books and getting pictures with authors and a few models too. What a day!
When it was over Suzanne and I packed up the remaining books at my table, waited for over a half hour for the sole elevator and headed back to the room where she whipped up a tasty antipasti salad for dinner along with a glass of red wine. We toasted to a successful day. Although we faced a long drive home we were ready to talk plot lines, character’s black moments and of course their happily ever afters.
Oh, and do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled for the release of Suzanne’s book in 2019, Burned. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available. I’ve already fallen in love with the main characters from the book, Jennifer and Matt; you will too.
I can’t wait to attend another Rebels event. Watch for the announcement, it will take place in Hershey PA in November 2020.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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