A wee bit of Scotland

Hello again,
While I was at Rebels and Readers 2018, Emmy and her guy were traveling to the UK.
I was on kitty duty for the week and before they left I gave them my trip gift wish list; shortbread and something cashmere. They didn’t disappoint.
As you know I’m writing a trilogy that is, in part, based in Scotland, Glasgow and the Highlands are referenced. As Emmy made her way around the Isle of Scotland I received a running commentary via text about each castle and village they discovered. I journeyed vicariously with the kids as they checked into a castle; enjoyed high tea, dinner in the dungeon and a falconry experience. Em sent me a video with the birds of prey. As an owl landed on her arm, her awe and wonder made me smile.
They were off to their next stop and I followed the continuing adventure on Instagram and text messages. Each hotel they stayed at was rich with history. I could see my fictional characters from the MacLellan Trilogy experiencing some of these same things; a pub crawl, visiting castles where the royal family still stays on trips, even a driving tour of the town of Stirling. Ironically, I had just written about the town and the video clip was an added bonus to my story.
Emmy called a couple of times while she was on vacation and said we, Meg, Em and I, need to plan a mother-daughter adventure to the United Kingdom. Plans will be made but I’m not sure if Scotland will ever be ready for this mother and her two girls. But I am most certainly willing to jump on a plane, cross the Atlantic Ocean and see how we can shake things up.
One final note for today; my favorite holiday is just around the corner. As we enter the festive season don’t let the craziness over shadow your days. Take a few moments to savor the experiences with family and friends. They are what make our life worth living.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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