Memories on the Tree

Hello Again,
This weekend hubby and I went shopping on Black Friday, wrapped all the gifts we purchased, and put up our Christmas Tree.
A couple of years ago we purchased an artificial tree. I love traipsing around the Christmas tree lot, cutting down a tree and dragging it to the truck but I started to think maybe an artificial tree was the way to go. It would enable me to decorate the tree earlier and enjoy it until after the new year. I love sitting in a semi-darkened living room with the glow of the tree to light it up. I find it very soothing. I convinced hubby that we should invest in a pre-lit tree. We also compromised, the tree I found could have white lights, my favorite, or colored lights which are his preference. We have the best of both options.
After the tree was shaped and ready, one by one, I took the special ornaments from the box and hung them from the branches. The oldest is a tiny elf sitting in a boot. It hung on our tree when I was a child and a few years ago my mom passed it on to me. From there I have, my girls baby’s first Christmas ornaments, paper ornaments Meg and Em made for me, ornaments my aunt crocheted, and ornaments from our travels. I can’t fit all the special ornaments on the tree without it falling over, just kidding. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger home where I could have several Christmas trees, then I wouldn’t have to choose what ornaments are used each year. Each ornament represents a special moment, memory or milestone.
I’m sure other families are just like mine; decorating their trees with memory after memory, year after year. My girls have taken some ornaments to have for their trees. They too are cherishing the memories of Christmas’ past and making new memories of their own. I’m sure someday we’ll have an ornament viewing party and I’ll pass the ornaments to my girls. They may need to share my little elf.
As we ease into the busy days and weeks ahead enjoy the memories you’re making today with the people you love.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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