An apple and a tree

Hello Again,
A couple of weeks ago my mom said a picture she saw of Em, on social media, and it reminded her of me. Well this week I’ve discovered she inherited more from me than previously thought.
Em and her honey purchased their first house about 18 months ago. It was a charming home with great potential – good bones it just needed cosmetic work. They rolled up their sleeves and began to paint walls, had a contractor come in and replaced all the windows before the cold weather set in. It was the prudent thing to do since the windows were drafty and most of their heat would be warming the wildlife. They decided to live with some things, like the carpets, to see what they really wanted to do. Would they install hardwood or tile? It was great fun watching their ideas take shape.
This spring Em started gardening with gusto. She planted bulbs last fall, shrubs in the spring and summer and chose paint colors for the exterior. She installed a couple sections of decorative fence and then really started to talk about flooring.
And then it happened. Em sent me a text. She purchased a carpet knife and a small chisel. I knew what that meant; she was going to be ripping up carpet. The couple had decided to install white oak floors, and curiosity got the best of my daughter- what kind of wood was hiding under the carpet on the stairs?
One stair at a time she cut the carpet off and then pulled up the tackless strips. Using her chisel and a hammer she pulled out the small nails. Working her way up the stairs she discovered beautiful hardwoods floors. The installer told her the wood just needs a quick sand and refinished.
Often times when the girls were living at home, I would have made a quick trip to my dad’s to borrow tools. The girls would see me ripping something apart, leaving piles of debris, all before it was time to put it back together. Em was happy to jump in and help. I think she caught my love of taking something and reshaping it into a very special vision.
Maybe for her birthday it’s time I buy her a tool box; complete with everything she’ll need to continue on her path of DIY projects. I’m proud to say she’s discovered the joy of taking the germ of an idea and seeing it through to completion.
Until next time,
I wish you happiness.
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