News! Jasper the wonder puppy…

Hello again,
It’s been a busy five months while Jasper has recovered from his second IVDD surgery. When we saw his surgeon in August his chance of walking again was slim. However, Jasper is a very determined pup. We made the decision to give him the best chance possible to poke around the back yard and run again on his own steam. Our backup plan, wheels.
We started acupuncture with an amazing vet, Dr. Stephanie James from BVA. In the beginning, Jasper couldn’t stand on his own and we used a sling to help him walk. After the first session we noticed his back toes started to curl around my finger. After each appointment slow but steady changes were noticeable. We were cautioned, at some point, his progress would slow and become indiscernible. While waiting to get in to see the rehab specialist he was receiving cold laser treatments once a week with the amazing, Alden Beane. Finally, Jasper’s incontinence resolved and he was able to go to the bathroom outdoors. That was a relief for all of us. Another positive sign the spinal column was healing.
Now, in addition to acupuncture, Jasper sees Dr. Ali Trotta. He uses an underwater treadmill. When Jasper started the water was above his hips, he wore a life vest and walked approximately five miles per hour. Today, he is walking without the vest, eight miles per hour and the water is just below his tummy. He spends over twelve minutes just walking, and looking like he did a year ago. When asked, Ali told me the spinal column heals at a very slow rate, something like one tenth of a millimeter per day. If we have a year with zero improvement then he’s as good as he’ll get. However, Jasper continues to make slow and steady progress, and I’ve discovered I can be patient.
We still carry Jasper outside and he has specific exercises he does each day. But he’s walking on his own and currently looks like a little drunken sailor. To see his little puppy smile tells me he’s happy and pain free. When he runs it resembles a bunny hop. So far, Jasper’s recovery is on track.
Our reward for the last twelve months is the little man is full of love and snuggles. When I carried him in my bathrobe pocket nine years ago he stole my heart. But after the journey we’ve been on together Jasper has shown me that all things in life are possible.
Who knows what our future holds, but, we take it one day at a time. I’m confident Jasper will recover and be as good as he was a year ago.
Until next time
I wish you happiness.
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