People Watching at the Beach

Hello Everyone, 

When it was time to plan for our vacation, hubby and I decided it would be the coast of Maine in early September. For the last few years we enjoyed Cape Cod but there is something about the pace of life in Maine. Yes, we knew the weather would be cooler but in the overall scheme of things we’d be near the ocean, and there would be sun and lobster. 

We drove in heavy traffic Labor Day weekend. It took about thirty minutes longer but we made it. We pulled into the busy campground, got set up and drank in the fresh air tinged with salt. I could feel my internal spring beginning to unwind. As we looked around the campground, something interesting caught our attention, most of the people camping were older couples like us. I guess the generation of empty nesters all decided to hit the road at the same time. 

After enjoying an amazing lobster roll for dinner, hubby built a campfire. As the shadows grew longer the fire glowed bright orange and yellow. The chill in the air was sharp and refreshing. Thoughts turned to my next book I’ve been mulling over. Recently, I finished the first draft of a new book, but I’m not ready to begin the editing process. So, I’ve begun the outline for book 2 in the Crystal Lake Series. People that walk by add spinets of ideas, and conversations that drift through the park are also tucked away for further use.

While on the beach I people watch, making up storylines for everyone I see. A dad playing Frisbee with his two small girls in the shallows of the Atlantic; a mother with three children having dinner with a man named George who leaves before they finish their meal. The waitress asks the family if anyone wants dessert while the mom boxes up all the leftovers. Over iced tea and melt in your mouth pulled pork I confess to hubby I’m itching to start writing the next book. 

I wonder with all the ideas I’ve gathered while on vacation if I can write the trip off as a business expense. I’m sure the accountant would say no. Hopefully the ideas that I brought home with me will turn into stories you will love to read. 

Until next time, I wish you happiness. 

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