Lucinda Race

Miss Muse

Hello Again, For most of my life I’ve dreamt in chapters and I thought it was how everyone dreamed. In the last ten years I’ve realized it was my muse knocking to be let out to play. I cracked the door open and Miss Muse not being shy and given the inch, didn’t just walk …

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Dear Mother Nature

Hello Again, In light of the two nor’easter’s back-to-back and a potential third early next week I thought if I wrote to Mother Nature she might take some constructive feedback and change the air currents. Heck, it can’t hurt, right? Below is the letter I sent. Dear Mother Nature, You do an awesome job around …

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Let your light shine

Hello Again, For the past few weeks, at the local hospital, I’ve been participating in a life enhancement program. It’s an all-encompassing way to view your physical and emotional well-being. It has been an amazing experience and as I started to write this blog a song popped into my head- “This little light of mine.” …

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