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Three sisters and one enchanted wedding dress… 

When three single sisters inherit their Scottish great-grandmother’s wedding dress, they also inherit the legend that comes with it: put on the dress, look in a mirror, and reveal their future. The dress is more than just silk and lace, for magic has been stitched into the seams of the heirloom. For the MacLellan sisters, the enchanted wedding dress promises a legacy of everlasting love.  

Will an enchanted wedding dress work its magic one more time? 

Her grandmother’s instructions had been perfectly clear: Grace MacLellan was to take the enchanted wedding dress home to Scotland without trying it on. The heirloom had helped her sisters find true love, but is the magic fading? Of all the sisters, Grace was the one who’d secretly longed for marriage. But Gran has a plan, even from beyond the grave. Another letter waits for Grace in Scotland: she’s to try on the dress, look in the mirror, then within the week, go to Blue Bell Woods. Grace does as she’s told, but the image in the mirror isn’t clear. How could Gran say she’d be proud to call him family when Grace can’t even tell who the mysterious stranger is?

Logan Campbell doesn’t normally ditch work for a walk in the woods. Tragedy in his past drives him to constantly prove himself in his business. He’s never sure if the women he dates like him for himself, or his bank account. So when he pulls a woman out of the stream in the Blue Bell Woods, he’s not exactly lying about his connection to a small local bakery. He’s just not quick to mention it’s a testing kitchen for his billion-dollar corporation.

Grace has her work as a Nurse Practitioner back in Vermont. So why is she falling for man whose heart is in the Highlands? Will the billionaire leave Grace feeling blue, or will the enchanted wedding dress weave its magic one more time?

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