Hello Again, This week I made a trip to the corporate office for my day job. As a part of the adventure, our department took a trip to the Blue Jackets NHL arena for a home game against the Arizona Coyotes. This was my first hockey game and I had no idea what to expect. …

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Hello Again, How many times in the course of a day or week do you pull up a website to shop, get the news, do your banking or watch a puppy or kitten video? Heck I didn’t even want to look up that statistic as I’m sure it would shock most people. Some websites are …

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Hello Again, This past week I decided I needed to increase my vegetable intake at lunch and dinner. We all remember our moms’ saying, eat your vegetables and mine wasn’t any different. So this is for you, Mom! As a kid we had a huge garden and Mom would can and freeze all she could …

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I’m jammin’

Hello Again, A funny thing happened last week. We picked pears off our tree and waited a few days until I thought they were ripe and tasted one. Ambrosia. The texture was creamy smooth and just the right amount of sweet. There was only one tiny problem, they were tiny. Hubby and I picked everything …

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