Cranberries & Criminals

A Bookstore Cozy Mystery

Whose half-baked idea was it for bookstore owner and witch Lily Michaels to enter an amateur baking contest in her small town of Pembroke Cove, Maine? Her pie plate’s already bubbling over learning about her witchy powers from her trusted companion and snarky familiar—a talking cat named Milo. Toss in solving a few murders while stirring in wedding planning, and Lily’s stretched thin as an overworked pie crust.

Lily doesn’t have the baking skills of her best friend, Nikki, who’s an accomplished kitchen witch. As Milo says, Lily can barely boil water and his dear witch should stay out of the kitchen except when opening a package of smoked salmon. But why shouldn’t she try baking? The crisp November air and approaching holiday season is the perfect inspiration for whipping up some seasonal goodies. It’s not like somebody can die from eating a muffin, can they?

With help from Nikki, and the support of Lily’s fiancé, police detective Gage Erikson—a.k.a. Detective Cutie—Lily preps for the Cranberry Bakeoff. But it’s a recipe for disaster when a judge collapses. Was it an allergic reaction, or is someone tired of losing and tart fruits turned into sour grapes. The air is thick with suspicion, and it’s up to puzzle-loving Lily to combine the right ingredients to catch a killer with their fingers in the cookie jar.

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