Holidays & Homicide

A Bookstore Cozy Mystery

With twinkling lights and Christmas trees, the small seaside town of Pembroke Cove, Maine is dressed up for the season. Lily Michaels, bookstore owner and witch, is excited to be going to the Glow and Glide ice skating festival. This year as part of a couple with her new fiancé, Gage Erikson—who Milo, her familiar calls, Detective Cutie. It’s the holidays, what could go wrong?

After the fun is over from the skating event Lily drives by the rink and is shocked to discover a body on the ice. Archie Dane is dead. Lily's intuition starts to twitch. When she learns there is a discarded mailbag near the body things really go wonky. Archie was a nice guy, but with claims of stolen mail parcels, was he a thief, stealing from his friends and neighbors?

Suspects and motives are piling up faster than the crisp white snow. What is Archie’s new girlfriend, Noelle, hiding? What about his co-worker flirting with Noelle? With Lily's spell work improving and having escaped death four times in the last six months, will her luck hold while solving another murder? It’s a magical season, but will it be a merry Christmas for Lily and Gage?

Other Books in the Series:

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