January 2021 Newsletter

Hello Again,

Well 2020 has been quite a ride but I’m not sorry to see it slip quietly away without much fanfare.

We had a low-key night and today we’ll celebrate hubs turning 65! Our normal dinner out at our favorite restaurant won’t happen so I volunteered to cook a special prime rib dinner and a small cake but with our little bubble it will be dinner for three.

Have you made a plan for the New Year? Do you have goals for 2021? I don’t make resolutions but I do set goals for myself. Some are simple, like eat more fruit every day, sometimes I lack in that department, but I love veggies so that’s easy. I also plan to get more organized and purge boxes I moved into the house 17 years ago. If I haven’t opened them by now I guess I don’t need what’s inside.

So who doesn’t love the chance to win a HUGE gift card? I’m participating in a Bookbub builder with BookThrone and it costs nothing except a few clicks and of course you’ll hear news about my upcoming books too- and as a reminder all but one of my books are in Kindle Unlimited  where you can read for free. But in February some books will be going wide so Read for Free while you can.


I also set very high goals for my writing life. I will release five (5) new books this year. The first book will release March 3, Blends A Prequel, and then with a quick release on March 17 of Breathe, Book 1 in the Crescent Lake Winery Series. Other books in the series will follow and on November 15 I’ll release a new Dickens Christmas story as yet to be titled and it’s now in the process of being written.
And to really be forward thinking, 2022, yes I’m already planning books for over a year away too. Now, it’s not as easy as one might think. With each book released there is a lot of behind the scenes work, drafting, rewriting, editing, proofreading, cover design and then promotion and I love every minute of the process.
So tell me what are some of your goals and let’s reach them together.

Contest News

This month our lucky reader for the Swag or book winner is... Stephanie Frost
Stephanie, send me an email and let me know if you’d like a signed paperback or a travel mug. Congratulations!!!
If you're outside the USA you can choose an ebook from my website.

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Upcoming Events

Plans are underway for 2021.
Details will follow soon.

As a reminder I have a Facebook Reader Group  - feel free to join the fun where we can talk about what you’re reading, what I’m reading and new books I’ll be releasing.
Well I guess that keeps us humming through this month. Feel free to email me, post on FB or other social media platforms, oh and did you know I’m on Pinterest too?

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Until next time,
I wish you health, happiness and love.

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