November Newsletter

Hello Again,

My oldest daughter and her husband are coming home for Thanksgiving and they’ll arrive next Tuesday. She called yesterday and asked if we could put up the Christmas tree on Friday night. Traditionally we decorate on the Sunday after Thanksgiving but this year we’re feeling the loss of my husband so we’re changing things up a little.

I have given it a lot of thought and when we decorate the tree I’m not ready to open our box of decorations so I bought new bulbs for this year. Hopefully using different ornaments won’t turn me into a puddle of tears but I can always pull out the old box. I’m sure there will be a few tears over the coming weeks but he loved the holidays as much as I do. This will honor his memory and help us carry on.

Book News

Have I got news for you!

Are you ready to start your holiday shopping? If you’re looking to purchase books for the readers on your list ALL of my books are available for purchase and autographed to your favorite reader. All you need to do is go to my website, and select them.

Prices will appear in your cart. When you get to the checkout there are order notes. Just type your special request in the box. AND… there is flat rate shipping so the more books you buy you still only pay $5 to ship. What a bargain!

Just for Newsletter Subscribers: As an added bonus for you, if you order a complete series, I’ll send you a signed paperback novella of your choice as my gift to you. Of course, if you have any questions just email me at [email protected]

Did you get a chance to read Sugar Plum Inn? I’m a sentimental sort of person so that one hit me in the feels for sure. I have a picture of my grandparents on the mantel to remind me love conquers all. Maybe that is one of the reasons I love writing romance books. In case you missed it here is the order link and after you read it remember to post a review too.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter when I’ll enclose a recipe for the holidays. But I am curious would you prefer my favorite holiday cookie or main dish? Drop me a note and let me know.

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One last tidbit: Please join my reader group on Facebook at Lucinda's Heart Racers Reader Group  -  we can talk about what you’re reading, what I’m reading and new books I’ll be releasing.

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July 8, 2022
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I’d like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving if you live in the United States.

If you don’t, enjoy your holiday preparations as we move into the end of the year festivities.

Until next time, happy reading, be amazing, and sparkle!

Until next time,

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