May 2022 Newsletter

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Have you been enjoying your Spring? I’ve been really busy working in the yard, enjoying the spring flowers and I have onions, lettuce and radishes planted. But the garden is in sad shape and needs much more attention. But it will get there, just more time is needed in the course of a day. 
My youngest daughter and I have decided we’re going to help each other out. We both get tired of eating days of left overs and in some cases food gets tossed since we both cook way too much. So, one day a week I’ll fill the crock pot and let it cook. She’s going to shop and plan and I’ll cook and divide. I love the idea of sharing and she has some great ideas for what we can have for dinner. 
Tonight I’m going to make Roast Chicken in the crock pot which is super easy and I thought you might enjoy the recipe so here you go. 
5-6 pound whole chicken
1 teaspoon of Seasoning salt or your favorite blend of seasoning. (This is important for color)
Cooking spray.
Crock pot on low - 8 hours

Spray the inside of your crock pot and plop the chicken in whole. Sprinkle seasoning over the top. Put the lid on and walk away for 8 hours on low. Don't add water or broth.
Yup it is that easy.
I promise this will be the easiest and most flavorful chicken you ever cook!

Now you have dinner tonight with whatever sides   you like. Left over chicken can be used for salad, enchiladas or whatever makes you happy. Next newsletter, I'll share my enchilada recipe.

Book Spotlight
Now I’m sure you love free books, who doesn’t right? Have I a got a few treats in store for you. First, click the Bookfunnel links below and discover some amazing books!

Free Prequels
Second Chance Romance
New Romance Releases

Then I’m giving away an audio book code for one of my Price Family Romance books. The only catch if you’ve gotten one before and want a chance at another you need to email me a link to your review to be eligible but if you haven’t received an audio book code yet email me too!

Also, my sister-in-law is very crafty and she made bookmarks for me to send to readers. You’ll need to be in the United States but drop me an email and let me know your favorite book. I’ll randomly select and winner and get it in the mail.

Now, don’t forget on June 1 I’m releasing another book! Sundaes on Sunday. It’s in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble or in KU. Yes, I’ll have 3 new releases in KU for this year but plenty of other books for you if you’re looking for books on other e-retailers.

Sundaes on Sunday

A widowed school teacher and the airline pilot whose little girl is determined to bring her daddy and the lady from the ice cream shop together for a second chance at love. 

Although her husband died a year ago, first grade school teacher Lisa Peck is keeping one tradition she shared with him: sundaes every Sunday at their special place, Seaside Scoops. It’s there that she meets a precocious five-year-old, Allie, and her handsome, dark-haired father, Hunter. 

Airline pilot Hunter Adams has been a single dad since his wife died when Allie was a baby. He has his life perfectly arranged. Allie stays with her grandparents during the week while he flies, then he spends weekends with his daughter, including taking her for sweet treats at Seaside Scoops. But Allie has never before been drawn to someone as quickly as she’s drawn to Lisa. Is it just a little girl interested in a pretty woman, or is it fate pulling Lisa and Hunter together? 

Lisa is cautious, but maybe it’s time to move on from the past and take a second chance on love. Everyone is encouraging Hunter to do the same, but will Lisa think he’s just trying to find a mother for his child? Maybe Allie is wiser than the adults in her life. Will their sundaes on Sunday lead to true love every day of the week? 

Ready to one click – here you go!
Sundaes on Sunday

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I wish you happiness and love.

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