September 2020 Newsletter

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With all odd things happening in our world I’ve discovered canning lids are in scarce. With the approach of fall I like to can applesauce, tomatoes and maybe make jam or relish. So off I go to the first store to purchase lids. Nowhere to be found. I asked the check-out clerk and she smiled. Sorry, we’re out of those. You can try back next week.Not a big deal. Stopped at the hardware store, and another and the grocery stores all with the same luck. I came home empty handed. So, I go online. I will not pay those kinds of prices. It was like trying to buy other items earlier in the year. Remember toilet paper? 

I’ve concluded I’m going to have to plug in my spare freezer and spend the extra money on electricity to preserve the harvest from our garden and yes, my homemade applesauce.  I’m not complaining but it is easier to pull a jar of applesauce from the shelf for dinner than think ahead and defrost one. But for the taste of fall, it’ll be worth it. 
In book news – I’ve sent the first book in The Crescent Lake Series, Blush, to my editor for her review. But a funny thing happened when she received the email. I received an email suggesting I switch the name of my town and winery as apparently a somewhat famous horror movie franchise was based at Camp Crystal Lake. Not being a fan of anything horror I had no idea. So, I needed to think of a new town and winery name with the same roll-off-the-tongue sound. Thanks to other writers and avid readers Crescent Lake was born. I’m still on track for a projected release of January 2021.

This month I was interviewed by Here is a snippet and then click the link to check out the rest of the interview. 

Author, wife, mother, and the small-town girl at heart, Lucinda Race is the writer of romance stories with strong women and the men who love them. She lives in western Massachusetts with her husband and their two little fur babies, Jasper and Griffin. She typically writes and edits on the sofa with the pups on either side of her. Her books are a delight to read, and Lucinda has a way of pulling you right into the story.

Interview link:
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Author Spotlight


This month I’d like to introduce you to an author friend Peggy Jaeger and she happen to be a fellow #Romancegem too.
Okay, since you graciously offered me an August spot, I’d like to promote my new indie book that dropped on July 1.

Genre: Contemporary Romance/modern day -Fairy tale trope (Sleeping Beauty)

On her 21st birthday, someone slipped a potent drug combination into socialite Aurora Brightwell’s champagne putting her in a coma for the next ten years. It’s been a long road back, and it’s time to reclaim the life she lost and find out exactly what happened on that fateful night.

Financier Kincade Enright has his own reason for helping Aurora discover who poisoned her, but for the time being he’s keeping that - and his true identity - to himself. What he can’t keep hidden though, are his growing feelings for the one-time paparazzi darling and party-girl.

When this prince of finance joins forces with the former sleeping beauty, nothing can stop them from finding the answers they seek…or prevent the powerful emotions developing between them as they search for the truth.

This book is exclusive to Kindle and KU

How did you get started writing? The very first time I was given a diary at the age of 8 I started loved writing. I didn’t fill that little lock and key book up with my inner thoughts or desires, but started writing a story about a lonely misfit girl who went of adventures. I was hooked with story telling from that moment.

Who is your favorite character, and why?
That’s like asking which kid or pet is your fav!!! We’re not supposed to choose. The politically correct answer is that I love all my h/h’s equally. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


Find Connie Here:

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In contest news, this month’s lucky reader is: celeste.adams7

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Upcoming Events

I'm making plans to hit the road in 2021. Until then there are books to write and release, newsletters to publish and swag to give away. 

AND before I go – I have a special sale just for my newsletter readers- I have signed copies Lost and Found and The Journey Home. They are with the original cover – First come, first serve for $5 and that includes shipping media mail. If you’re interested drop an email at [email protected]

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