Moonlight Over Montana

Cowboys of River Junction Book 4

Single mom, Maggie Brady lives above the Filler Up Diner inRiver Junction, Montana. When fire destroys the business Maggie built, her good friend Jed Steele is there to help them escape the harrowing flames. Except, the fire wasn’t an accident. It was arson. Reluctantly, Maggie accepts the temporary home Jed offers, unsure of why anyone would threaten her or her teenage daughter, Susie.

Tall, lanky, with a rolling gait, a salt and pepper mustache, and a quirky sense of humor, Jed is the primary caretaker of the horses at Grace Star Ranch. Disowned by his family, the cowboy has also had a soft spot for Maggie for a long time.However, he’s never felt worthy of a woman like Maggie. How could she fall for somebody like him when his own family doesn’t want him?

During their stay at the ranch, Jed teaches Susie to ride and helps her develop into a talented barrel racer. And while Maggie only saw Jed as a friend before, the moonlight over Montana is close to convincing her to take a second chance on love. But  someone is watching—Someone who could use Susie’s talent, if only Maggie wasn’t in the way. Will the secret Susie’s keeping destroy Maggie and Jed’s romance before it has a chance to begin?

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