Shamrocks Are a Girl’s Best Friend



Sometimes you just need a spark of luck…

Web designer Kelly O’Malley has been burned before. When she’d had her heart broken and lost her job, she’d rebuilt her life in Last Chance Beach. Then her house burned to the ground, she’d been lucky her uncle had one to loan her. He conveniently forgot to mention she’d have an unexpected roommate. A handsome, blue-eyed, smokejumper, with dimples that make her weak in the knees. Too bad he’s only here temporarily.

Patrick, “Tric” Ryan knows about being burned. A smoke jumper, left badly injured from the last fire season. A few months away from Chicago should give him time to regain his strength, before he’ll have to repass the test that will tell him if his career is over. Tric’s not looking for love—his job never keeps him away from home for months at a time. But Kelly’s Irish eyes spark a flame that will be hard to put out.

There’s always been an expiration date on this relationship. Tric’s work keeps him on the edge of danger and Kelly’s put down roots in the sand. But there’s something magical about Last Chance Beach, and its way of healing wounds. As Saint Patrick’s Day draws near, will the luck of their deep Irish heritage be with them?

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