Stars Over Montana



The cowboy broke her heart but, he never stopped loving her. Now she’s back ready to run her grandfather’s ranch…

At the age of 20, Annie Grace left the family ranch, heartbroken, unsure if she’d ever return. But that all changed when her beloved grandfather, Pops, passed away. As his only heir, she’s come home to settle his affairs and run the family business. She wasn’t counting on Linc Cooper, the man who broke her heart, to be the new manager of the Montana spread. There’s just one problem, a developer wants to buy her ranch.

Linc Cooper never wanted to live his life without Annie by his side, but he deliberately ended their relationship so she could finish college and be a success in a city, far away from River Junction. He felt she deserved more than being a ranch hand’s wife. He may have pushed her away but he never stopped loving her. Over the last eighteen years he became Pops’ right-hand man moving up to run the ranch. Now with Pops gone, Annie’s back in the small cowboy town, but for how long?

Annie has to make a life-changing decision; sell and leave the ranch and Linc forever? Or, does she pull on her boots and permanently claim her home – and the cowboy she left behind?

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