Sugar Plum Inn

The chef and the restaurant critic are about to come face to face. 

After being unjustly fired from a restaurant position in Boston, Chef Dora Bennett relocates to Northern Vermont in an effort to jump-start her career. Going to work at the small, but well-run, Sugar Plum Inn might just be the second chance she needs. Despite a few scathing reviews, Dora intends to do all she can to restore the inn’s reputation with her amazing food.

Charlie Ward is hiding not one but two secrets when he arrives at Sugar Plum Inn. First, he’s an inn and restaurant reviewer who always shows up incognito. Second, he’s been deaf since college. He’s not ashamed of it, but he also doesn’t want to be pitied, so he prefers that the world doesn’t know any more than necessary. He’s enjoying his life of traveling, writing reviews, and working on his first novel.

While neither Dora or Charlie are looking for anything outside their demanding jobs and their desire to move forward with their lives, a little holiday magic might make them stop to appreciate there is more to life than work and living single. 

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