The Journey Home 

Book 2 in the McKenna Family Romance Series

Abby Stevens's life fell apart when her sister and her sister's husband died in a car crash. Since her parents recently died as well, all she has left is her toddler nephew Devin, whom her sister left in her custody. In search of a fresh start, she makes the decision to move back from Boston to her childhood home in Loudon. What she doesn't expect is to reconnect with her old friends-the McKenna family.

Ever since Shane McKenna's father died when he was a boy, he's buttoned his feelings down. His mother's unhappiness when her husband died has made him scared to jump into a relationship, so he has always kept his flirtations casual. When he meets Abby once again, though, he is rocked by the protective intensity of his feelings for both her and little Devin. Can he overcome his fears, and find a new freedom in loving Abby?

The entire series features relatable characters -- smart, kind


Just a lovely read

Great Book~~Great Series!!!

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