Love in the Looking Glass



Ellie wants to make a splash in Loudon when she opens The Looking Glass, but she hasn’t bargained for being hit by a crime wave. When an intruder breaks into her gallery, Ellie is knocked on the head and locked in a closet, and the most valuable painting, on loan, is slashed from corner to corner. The person who rescues Ellie is a man about whom she knows almost nothing. Padraig Stone just introduced himself that afternoon, wanting to sign with the gallery. He’s undoubtedly talented, but also evasive.

While the police investigate, Pad is looking into the matter also, even though he hasn’t been cleared of suspicion himself. For Ellie, who has been determined to protect her heart from pain ever since her father’s death when she was little, it’s a difficult dilemma. The handsome photographer is undoubtedly attractive, but dare she trust him when he’s clearly hiding something?

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